Course Syllabus

3D Modeling and Animation

Instructor:  Tamara O’Malley

Course/assignment info:

Prerequisite: CS 1-2
Grades 10-12

This elective class expands students' knowledge of the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of 3D digital modeling, rendering, and rapid prototyping (3D printing).


  • 3D modeling -- advanced techniques may include rigging (bones/armature/shape keys), fluid physics (smoke, water, flame), particle physics (grass, hair, fur, rain, sparks), rigid body physics (collisions, gravity, holding things), soft body physics (cloth,squishy things), realistic textures

  • 3D printing

  • Animation process -- scriptwriting/ storyboarding, animatics, previsualization, keyframing, camera shots, lighting, rendering, sound, etc.

Grading & assignments

Grades are based on progress toward completing our year-long project, an animated short, as well as performance on various smaller assignments. Students who attend regularly and participate fully should have no problem completing assignments during class, but students may want to work on projects outside of class or need to make up for absences. The computer lab is open to students during ELT, most Wednesdays after school, and by arrangement.


CTE pathway

Computer Science is considered a Career and Technical Education program. To complete the CS CTE pathway, students should take at least CS 3-4 and AP CS, plus one other CS course (CS 1-2, 3D Modeling & Animation, Robotics, Senior Design).


Course Summary:

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