Course Syllabus

Computer Science 1-2

Instructor:  Tamara O’Malley



Course/assignment info:


Prerequisite: None

Grades 9-12


This elective class is designed to introduce students to the world of computer science through art, storytelling, and gamemaking. Projects include using code to make a movie, painting, and game; guiding a robot through a maze; creating 3D models and using them to make images, 3D prints, and a short animated movie. Students have several options for continuing in Computer Science after this course: for coding, take CS 3-4; for 3D modeling, take 3D Modeling & Animation; for robotics, take Robotics.  AP Computer Science is offered every other year and is best taken after CS 3-4.


Major topics

  • Coding (art and storytelling in Scratch, game development in Stencyl)
  • Robotics (Arduino boe-bot)
  • 3D modeling, 3D printing, 3D animation (Blender)


Grading & assignments

The grade in this course is based on performance on knowledge-building lab activities and creative projects. Students who attend regularly and participate fully should be able to complete assignments during class, but students may want to work on projects outside of class or need to make up for absences. The computer lab is open to students during ELT, most Wednesdays after school,  and by arrangement.


CTE pathway

Computer Science is considered a Career and Technical Education program. To complete the CS CTE pathway, students should take at least CS 3-4 and AP CS, plus one other CS course (CS 1-2, 3D Modeling & Animation, Robotics, Senior Design).

Course Summary:

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