Course Syllabus

Algebra 3 - 4 Syllabus: Semester 1

Mrs. Watson


Phone: (503)-916-5160 X81028

Website (canvas):


Students should come to class every day with the following:
1. Pencil or Pen
2. Comp Book/Notebook

  1. Folder
  2. Assigned Calculator


  1. Dignity - Respect everyone in the classroom – remember we are a community
  2. Dress Code – You must be compliant with the GHS Dress Code to attend class
  3. Electronics - No Cell Phones, headphones, and/or electronics
  4. Passes – Only during group work time
  5.   Food - No Food or Drink (water is permitted). If you need a snack finish it quickly and clean up after yourself.
  6.   Cleanliness – Keep your area around your desk neat and clean
  7. Deadlines – No late work is accepted
  8.   Have fun!  I believe in each and every one of you.


Office Hours:

A - Day Flex – C8, B - Day Flex – C43, Lunch Mondays and Thursdays, after school by appointment


How will I be graded?

Homework & Classwork         15%                 Scale:

(Homework, Warm-Ups, Classroom                A:        90% - 100%   

Participation Group Work, Etc.)                       B:         80% - 89.4%

                                                                        C:         70% - 79.4%

Learning Target Quizzes          30%                 D:        60% - 69.4%

Tests                                        55%                 F:         Anything below 60%






Includes in class assignments, group work, warm-ups, and homework.  Each class will start with a warm-up on the whiteboard/notebook.  We will have daily assignments that are due at the end of the period and will be kept in your notebook.  Homework will be done IN YOUR NOTEBOOK and due the next class.  Homework will always be online in google classroom.  If you do not have internet access please make arrangements with me.  This will be an average score given every two weeks.  Work will be graded as a 10 (completed), 5 (halfway completed), 0 (did nothing).

Learning Target Quizzes


After each learning target we will take a quiz.  Quizzes are pass/fail and are graded on a 10 point scale.   A(10), B(8.5), and C(7.5).  You may retake a previous quiz on the next quiz or test.  Once the chapter test is taken you may NOT RETAKE a previous quiz.  Quiz grades will be the highest grade.  You may not skip any quizzes.  Notes are not available for quizzes.

NO QUIZ RETAKES - Except on Tests

End of Chapter Tests

At the end of every chapter we will have a test over the whole chapter.  Tests are 3 pages with the first page corresponding the first quiz, the second page corresponding to the second quiz, and the last page will be application problems and various other problems.  Notes are NOT allowed, but you will be allowed to use a cheat sheet.


Retakes will be available.  Your first test and your retake test will be averaged together to get your new score.  In order to retake a test you must complete the test correction process which will mean identifying any mistakes made and correcting the problems that are incorrect.  All retakes must be completed three weeks from when the tests was taken.  No retakes will be allowed the last week of the quarter/semester.  Time will be given in class for test corrections with some points added back.

How Will I be Graded for the Support Class?
Grades are the way in which we assess your learning. This class is taught and students are graded using a Proficiency-Based Model:


Homework & Classwork

(Homework, Warm-up’s, Classroom Participation, Group work, Etc.)



A: 89.5% - 100%

B: 79.5% - 89.4%

C: 69.5% - 79.4%

D: 59.5% - 69.4%

F: 0% - 59.4%




Notebook & Attendance           


End-of-Unit Projects                           





& Classwork






Notebook Record/HW Check: Includes Assignments, In-Class Work, Group Work that are crucial to your learning in this class and offer you an opportunity to practice your math skills. 


·         Assignments will be graded based on effort, completion, and work shown

·         Each assignment is graded on a 10 point scale (0 - 10) when thoroughly completed on time (by the next class period); 0 = no work, 5 = half way done, 10 = All work done

·         Assignment scores will be recorded on  Homework Record that will be turned in every two weeks

·         Students will be given daily opportunities to demonstrate classroom and group participation; the related points will be tracked on a students’ Notebook Record;

·         Students with excused absences will be allowed to complete missing homework, but daily class/group work will not be made up due to the necessity of being present


Notebook & Attendance






·         After every Chapter I will be doing a notebook check where I will check to make sure that you are taking notes and organizing your materials.  Part of being successful in your future is organization

·         It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you attend every class and are on time.  Do not use this class as something you can miss.  If I see your attendance drop below 90% you will automatically be enrolled in a meeting with VP Parman and myself in which we will decide whether or not you will be allowed to stay in this class





of-unit Projects




End-of-Unit Assessment: At the end of each unit, students will present an end of unit project.  This project will serve as a review for the upcoming test.  Students will be working on the project throughout the unit and will be offered a variety of ways to present their material.


What else do I need to know about this class?


Make-up Assignments: Attendance is required.  Absences will be recognized and excused for the following reasons: to participate in official school activities, for family or personal emergencies, and for medical reasons.  Work is available on the website.


Students returning from excused absences have one week from the last day of the absence to complete the assignments that were missed.  If your absence is unexcused you are still responsible for work missed but you will only receive half credit.


Missed a test/learning target quiz?:  You may take a learning target quiz if you were absent during flex time or on the next test.  If you were absent the review day you will still take the test the next day.  If you miss a test you must take it within 1 week as long as you have either emailed me within 24 hours or it is an excused absence with a call or note from home.  It is a zero until you take it and/or if you were unexcused.


Algebra 3 - 4 Topics

AA1: Creating and Solving Equations              AA5: Trigonometric Functions

AA2: Graphs and Their Transformations         AA6: Polynomials

AA3: Inverses                                                  AA7: Complex Numbers

AA4: Logarithms                                             AA8: Statistics









Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

Over the past few years I have seen a huge increase of cell phones becoming distractions to my students.  I expect all cell phones and headphones to be put away in a bag or pocket.  They should not be seen or heard.  I will be employing the following cell phone policy and will be keeping a box of distractions that interrupt learning.


Step 1: I will make eye contact with the student and then point to the box.  If they smile and then put the item in the box then they can take it out of the box once class is over.


Step 2: If they throw a fit and then put the distraction in the box they will be able to have it back at the end of the day.


Step 3: If they refuse to put the distraction in the box they and the distraction will go to the office.


I will keep the box in a locked area.  Remember that a distraction usually is a cell phone but it could be toys, bouncy balls, fidget spinners, and even food.



Course Summary:

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